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Island time

At Borden Lake MN_pr

By the time this is published I should be on my way to America for a couple of weeks. 

To Minnesota first, to stay in a cabin on an island in a small lake (above).  That photo was made a couple of years ago on our first visit. It's not bad quality, as long as you don't look too closely, considering it was on a little Sony A200. (If you do look closely there's some horrid chromatic fringing along the vertical edges!) 

Then down to see Lawrence, Kansas, where my partner grew up. And then over to Arizona to stay on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, one of those wonders of the world that I've not been to before.

I won't have a huge amount of time there and let's remember this is purely a holiday, not a series of location shoots. I'd like to hope I might get a chance to make some decent photos while I'm there, but in practice I have already begun thinking about making another trip purely for photographic purposes. Even the most understanding and encouraging companions get a bit fed up when every time they turn round you are way back down the track fiddling with some camera setting or other. Conversely, being on your own gives you all the time you want - subject to the usual constraints of weather and light, which are plenty enough to have to think about. 

Well, that and what kit to pack. Why do all airlines have different size and weight restrictions for carry-on and checked baggage?