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Celebrated author 'likes' my photo

Castle Stalker _GE05162_3_6_pr_blog
Castle Stalker, dusk - the picture chosen for Susan Cooper's fan page

The famous children's author Susan Cooper is currently using one of my photographs for her official Facebook fan page.

The iconic Castle Stalker, on the west coast of Scotland, features in two of her books.

My picture, selected from a huge range available on the internet, portrays the castle in bright late afternoon light but with a backdrop of very dark clouds.

It is a tone-mapped image composed from multiple originals. This is a technique that is used to handle the very wide range of light inherent such a scene.

Ms Cooper's Boggart books, in which the castle appears, are lighthearted. But she is best known for darker and more atmospheric fantasies based on English and Welsh legend and it was felt that the mood of the photo was "just perfect for her".

I think of her as an American because that is where she has lived for many years. But I gather she was born in Buckinghamshire, where I'm based, and apparently says High Wycombe is where she rode her bike as a child, so I guess she felt a sort of affinity.

The photographs from which the image is compiled were made during a very wet trip to Scotland last year. I made several from the same location, or very near it.

I'm absolutely thrilled they bought it.