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October 2015

Duvet weather

Gary Eason photo DSC_1848.JPG
Assynt. Photo © Gary Eason

Assynt, 3 October 2015

This comes to you via my mobile phone, dangling by an internet thread. I am in a campervan in the north west of Scotland, where I had a few days of superb weather and made some glorious landscape photos.

Now though what I call the duvet has descended: thick low cloud lying across the landscape. Not only does this flatten what little light permeates the gloom, it also obliterates the tops of the mountains.

Those big beasts are what I came here to stalk. They are hiding and will not be out to play for another few days at least, according to the Met Office. By that time I will have flown back to my desk in the south.

I'm pleased with the photos that I do have to process, and also looking forward to working on some new Flight Artworks commissions.

But for now, once again, I'll duck back under the duvet.