Licensing Flight Artworks aviation pictures

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Left to right: Recently licensed Flight Artworks scenes from the Phoney War and the Battle of Britain © Gary Eason

You will know already that you can buy aviation prints through the Flight Artworks website at but I also welcome enquiries from publishers who are interested in using my work.

My photorealistic aviation pictures are regularly licensed either from me directly or, increasingly, through my gallery on the Alamy agency. You can see the latest purchases - for a book - at the top of this column. 

And it is not only publishers. I am also happy to talk to people interested in making ranges of aviation-related consumer goods. 

For the most part these are rights managed licences of the Flight Artworks, so prices vary widely depending on the particular use - but also licensing my 'straight' aviation photographs from airshows and elsewhere

On the subject of printing though, a reminder that all my pictures are made to order. They come to you fresh from the printers, and have not been sat in a storage box after being run off in batches. This applies equally to the photographic prints of aviation pictures and to the fine art prints, in a range of sizes. 


 TO BUY PRINTS  of any of my works please visit

I do private commissions, for individual aircraft or bigger scenes.  To get in touch visit the Contact page on my website. Find Flight Artworks on Facebook, and on Twitter @flightartworks.

First Flight Artworks book published




Flight Artworks Volume 1 by Gary Eason
I am delighted to present my first book drawn from my growing collection of Flight Artworks​: 32 pages, available now in printed and e-book versions.

It contains captions, commentary and points of note – but the focus is on the images and they occupy most of the space. You can see some sample pages above and below. 

To preview or purchase the books please visit the Blurb bookshop.

I built it using their self-publishing software BookWright in 'standard landscape' size (25x20cm / 10x8in), in three formats from £19.99.

The production was straightforward if time-consuming. I lost count of how many times I thought it was done, then spotted something that was not quite right - which I suspect could become an endless process if you are not careful.

In fact it turned out that their existing software cannot properly reproduce it as an ebook without divine intervention by the Blurb support staff, so that is an ongoing project. 

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 00.27.55Am I pleased with the book though? Yes very. It was launched this morning, and when I went to look in my account for something a few hours later, I had already sold two. 

I'm afraid I can't do anything about the price: the fixed costs imposed by Blurb, including shipping, mean I barely get the price of a pint from each copy and I would have to sell a very large number indeed to cover the time invested in its creation. 

My son works in the book selling business and he will tell you (if only when he sees his pay slip) that for the vast majority of us, publishing and selling books is rarely ever going to be a get rich quick scheme.

The pictures I have used are not new, apart from a few I have adapted to fit the book design. In fact many people have prints of them hanging on their walls. And as regular followers of this blog will know, a number of others have appeared in print already in magazines and elsewhere. 

Also, as an aside, I am increasingly licensing them through my Alamy account – although I do not usually know where they will end up, because sales are reported to us contributors simply in terms of "Editorial magazine" or the like, and maybe not in a country or language I am likely to see. 

So what's the point of producing the book? Is it all vanity? 

Oh, come on – can anything beat sitting down with a cup of coffee on your most comfortable sofa, savouring turning the pages in a book of your favourite things? 

So when I say "first" Flight Artworks book published, will there be more? Oh yes.  


 TO BUY PRINTS  of any of my works please visit

I do private commissions, for individual aircraft or bigger scenes. Publishers' enquiries are also welcome: many images are available already to license through the Alamy agency.

To get in touch visit the Contact page on my website. Find Flight Artworks on Facebook, and on Twitter @flightartworks.

Celebrated author 'likes' my photo

Castle Stalker _GE05162_3_6_pr_blog
Castle Stalker, dusk - the picture chosen for Susan Cooper's fan page

The famous children's author Susan Cooper is currently using one of my photographs for her official Facebook fan page.

The iconic Castle Stalker, on the west coast of Scotland, features in two of her books.

My picture, selected from a huge range available on the internet, portrays the castle in bright late afternoon light but with a backdrop of very dark clouds.

It is a tone-mapped image composed from multiple originals. This is a technique that is used to handle the very wide range of light inherent such a scene.

Ms Cooper's Boggart books, in which the castle appears, are lighthearted. But she is best known for darker and more atmospheric fantasies based on English and Welsh legend and it was felt that the mood of the photo was "just perfect for her".

I think of her as an American because that is where she has lived for many years. But I gather she was born in Buckinghamshire, where I'm based, and apparently says High Wycombe is where she rode her bike as a child, so I guess she felt a sort of affinity.

The photographs from which the image is compiled were made during a very wet trip to Scotland last year. I made several from the same location, or very near it.

I'm absolutely thrilled they bought it.

Spring: the book

I am delighted to announce my first public photo book. It is an "as it happened" record of the initial production by the young VFDrama theatre company, the musical Spring Awakening. If you've been following this blog you'll already be familiar with that.

Spring book shot 1

We've had a proof copy which delighted all those who've seen it, and have signed off a final version with minor changes.

In more than 100 colour pages the book, called simply Spring Awakening: Photo Album, charts the course of the production from initial planning through various rehearsals to the final triumphant scene.  

It is available to order now from my website at a special introductory price - and with an unrepeatable special offer of one of the original promotional posters for the show, free, for the first few dozen orders. 

Spring book shot 5

Putting the book together was, let's say, an interesting process using the sometimes frustrating Booksmart software from Blurb. Having done it once I have a far better sense of how to do it again, and ultimately it was highly enjoyable. So there will be others.